The Animal People

Suzanne Papillon 2017

Constructed in the style of a Three-in-One doll, this piece explores our relationship between dolls and animals. Interchangeable animal heads are paired with human limbs, with the spare limbs hanging like meat from the stand. As soon as we begin to play, we anthropomorphise animals. We are born with an altruistic nature and even as adults when an animal becomes a friend we generally wouldn’t see their life as expendable. In vitro meat (synthetic meat created by culturing muscle cells in nutrients) is becoming commercially available. In an age when this is possible, humanity has to make important decisions about agricultural farming. Synthetic meat could eventually produce higher quality ‘meat’ at a fraction of the cost, as well as provide animal welfare and environmental advantages over slaughtering livestock.

Dimensions: H37cm x W42cm x D29cm
Materials: Milliput, Foam, Wire, Wood, MDF, Polycarbonate, Metal hooks and Acrylic Paint.